About Healing Hearts for Ashley

Mission: The Healing Hearts for Ashley Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and supporting research for inherited heart rhythm diseases. The foundation is committed to supporting, believing and living for a cure.

The Inspiration: The foundation was founded in honor and memory of Ashley Jurjovec in 2017. Ashley Jurjovec was a beloved wife, admired sister and aunt, proud daughter and an esteemed math teacher who tragically died in her sleep from an undetected heart condition at the age of 31. As a result of Ashley’s sudden and tragic passing, the Healing Hearts for Ashley Foundation was formed to help raise awareness for ARVC and support research through funding for The Cardiovascular Genetics Group at Lurie Children’s and Northwestern University.

About ARVC: Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is a rare disease of the heart muscle. Research strongly suggests that the condition is inherited which means it is passed on through families. The heart muscle proteins in people with ARVC do not develop properly and can adversely affect the cell bond. As a result, the cell proteins are replaced with fatty deposits and scarring which can lead to abnormal cardiac arrhythmias. Many affected people usually have mild to no symptoms and the condition is typically progressive.

Fundraising: The funds raised by the foundation will go directly toward the research at the Cardiovascular Genetics Group at Lurie Children’s and Northwestern University which leads a national collaboration of 115 medical examiner’s and coroner’s offices in 15 states. The collaboration analyzes the genetic code (DNA) of children and young adults who die suddenly, despite being thought to be previously healthy. The group helps support and councils surviving family members to undergo clinical and genetic testing to understand and prevent further sudden deaths related to certain cardiac disorders.


Village of Western Springs Tower Trot


Interested sponsors should contact Matt Jurjovec at healingheartsforashley@gmail.com for information about sponsoring future races.

Beginning in 2018, the Village of Western Springs will be partnering with the Healing Hearts for Ashley Foundation to help organize and raise donations at their annual Tower Trot race which is held on the Saturday before Memorial Day. For more information about the race, please visit the Village’s website:

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